Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Thinking up a List of Things to put on a List

Ok. First post, new year. Time to totally impress your sox out. Where to start? I have so much knowledge that I know. There are so many things I can teach you that it is difficult to relate them in any particular order. Lets make a list of the experiences and wisdom-inducing events in my cranial cortex medulla lobe. Of course, I'll want to end with the first thing that comes to mind. Since it is the first thing that comes to mind it must the easiest to remember, so there is a better chance I won't forget it while I present you with the rest of the situations that I'm trying to remember.

Maybe starting with the second thing that comes to mind would be a good strategy. That way I can think of the other things while I tell you about this second most memorable situation. Once I am finished with this one, I hope to have two or three more of the scenarios recalled from the memory banks. If I have three of them, I will share the third one of the three (fifth overall) first (second overall), then proceed with the first and second (third and fourth overall, respectively). If I only come up with two things during that time, then I will just relay them in no particular order except the order in which I thought of them.

Then, as I am relaying those two or three items, I will have time to think of the other things I wanted to make known to you. The order in which I think of them will not necessarily be the order in which I present them to you, but it might be. I haven't decided yet. Oh, and the number of items
I present to you will be determined in large part by the number of items which I remember from the remembering banks.

So before I get started with the first item on my list, which is the second thing that comes to mind, I should also disclose the fact that I am actually still trying to think of something. See, the second thing that comes to mind hasn't come to mind just yet. It is possible that the first thing that came to mind is so incredible and important that it is preventing thought beyond itself, but I doubt it. It is also likely that I am writing all this needless filler to buy time while I think of something to write, which is actually using up my thinking resources so that I do not have the capacity to think of something else. Na. That's not it either.

Oh! Wait! Got it! The second thing just came to me. Wow! Now as I think about it, its really not all that good anyway and I don't want to talk about it. So that leaves me no time to think of those next two or three things. All I have left is the first thing that came to mind. I should have just started with that like a normal person. I'm so stupid sometimes. No, retract that. I'm never stupid sometimes.

Anyway, back to the list of things you need to know, which is not really a list at this point.....but it presents itself as the perfect example of precisely my point that first came to mind which I planned to share with you last. So here it is...at last: You need more than one item to make a list.