Saturday, August 1, 2009

Additions to Company Policy Regarding Wii Play

As you should know, company policy prohibits the use of Wii gaming systems and related accessories while smoking on company property. If you did not know that, please review your employee handbook, page 19177 under the heading; Things we don't allow you to do while smoking on company property.

Another Wii-related policy can be found on Page 1475 under the heading; Things you are allowed to do on company property. As you will see, beginning on this page, there is a list of everything you are allowed to do on Crock, Inc. property. Playing the Wii is not listed here. Neither is "not playing the Wii". That presents a conundrum. If you are allowed to play the wii, but yet you are not allowed to not play the wii, what is the deal with that?

We've chosen to completely ignore this contradiction and add an addendum to the back of your handbook that reads;

"If you play the Wii on company property, smoking or not, you are in violation of, and in compliance with company policy. Please make sure you wear the wrist safety strap."