Monday, May 13, 2013

Summer Camp Offers Degree Programs

If you pay attention, you will learn something. Actually, you'll have to pay tuition also, but they won't tell you that. And, if you aren't paying attention, they'll take your money for books too. You'll learn something alright; School is a scam. Get out while you can. Instead, Enroll in one of our summer camps. These incredibly condensed classroom and hands-on training programs are the latest rage. And if you enroll by May 20th you'll receive a free pencil.

The camps feature our patented "mini-major" programs. Earn your masters in just one week! It's like graduate school in a can. McDegree? Yes please! I'll take two.

Here is a partial list of one-week camps offered this year and the degree earned in each:

-Advanced Hypnosis for Beginners (Psychiatry)
-Fog is Weather Too (Meteorology)
-The Universe is Huge (Astronomy)
-You Can't Do That Because of the Constitution (Law)
-You Can Probably Get Away with That if They don't Check the Constitution (Political Science)
-Shapes and Numbers (Rocket Surgery)
-Turkey Carving (Biology)
-Fire is Hot and this is How We Know (Physics)
-What's the F'n Point Anyway? (Philosophy)
-How Many Keg Stands Before You Puke (Medicine)
-Cupcakes and Sex (Health)
-Never Take a Wallet-full of Twenties to a Strip Club (Economics)
-Tax Code Basics and Suicide Intervention (Accounting)
-How to Hire the Hottest Secretary (Business management)

For a Complete listing of camps and schedules, check back here every chance you get. Prices vary from $50.00 to $36-million per camp.

Happy learning!