Saturday, October 14, 2023

Corporate Sell-out Maneuver #1: A Book Promotion

It's been a long time since we've posted anything here, and we have a very good reason for that. The reason is none of anyone's business, but it is a very good one. 

If it was any of your concern, we could tell you the reason we've been gone so long and you would be like; "Oh wow! That is a very good reason. One of the best I've ever heard."

But alas...not your concern. 

So, what brings us back now? 

There is a very good reason for that as well. This time, it is your business. In fact, we will tell you the reason we are suddenly back here, blogging like crazy.

It's because the boss said we are supposed to promote his book.

Here is the book promotion.


It is odd that there is some other guy's name on the book. A ghost writer, maybe? Dunno.

We're supposed to mention that the book will be out soon and let you know how you can find out more. 

Apparently, you can find out more about the book and also sign up for updates here.

Now, this is a departure from our standard operating procedure because the book is real. We typically don't deal with real things, so everyone is in a bit of a panic around here. Some of us worry that this may lead to a loss of focus on the normal nonsense and represents a shift to ecommerce. 

Understand, the word "ecommerce" sends shivers down the spines of the Crock, Inc. staff because ecommerce means work. We are averse to work so we would prefer to keep this company focused on providing top-quality nonsense at a reasonable price.

The boss argues that his book fits that description. 

While the book may indeed be nonsense, it appears to be a real and tangible book that will require real and tangible money to purchase. No matter what this book costs when it hits the stores, if it's more than $0.00, it will be the biggest-ticket item we've ever promoted. 

You can see how this would make us nervous.

Anyway, fingers crossed that this will satisfy the boss man. Hopefully we can get back to nonsense now.

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